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Here are pictures of the three Classic Apple Macintoshes I own

Macintosh Classic (1990)

I own one of these


Macintosh Plus (1986)

I own two of these

How to make a Macintosh to PC NULL Modem cable

Use with ZTERM on the mac and terminal on Windows to transfer files to your classic mac

I also have a Macintosh PowerBook 165c

It recently developed a pesky line across the screen. I don't want to try and fix it as this PowerBook has had a hard life it would seem and I'm afraid I might kill it off permanently. This machine was a mess when I got it. It was free though. The battery had leaked onto the main board. I had to disassemble the machine and give the board a good wash. I let it dry, but it wouldn't boot. I figured that that was it. After standing for another day I tried to boot the machine again and lo and behold she came back to life. This PowerBook was very useful in creating boot disks for my older Macs. These days I use Zterm and serial data transfer via terminal.